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Off Duty jobs

I was hired by the Seattle Police Department one month after my twenty-first birthday.  I wasn’t the youngest member of the department.  Tim Moellendorf, a classmate in the academy, was two days younger.

“Come on kid,” I told him.  “I’ll show you the ropes.”

I often ran into old high school friends when I was working.

One time I walked into the jail with a prisoner.  A guy who I’d gone to high school with, (now deceased), was in a holding cell near the entrance.

“Cloyd!” he said.

“How are you doing?” I asked. “Call me when you get out. We’ll do lunch!”

I worked a lot of rock concerts in my early years.  I remember working a Moody Blues concert at the Seattle Center.  Dozens of friends I’d gone to school with shuffled in.  I stood back while they were patted down before entering.

“Dude!” they exclaimed. “You get to work these?”

Not only did I get to work there, but they were also paying me good money to do so.

I also worked all the Seattle Seahawk games.  I’d often run into old friends there, as well as Seattle Mariner and Sonic games.  It sounds better on paper than it was.  I spent most of my time throwing drunks out.  I watched a lot of great first half of ballgames.

When the new stadium for the Seahawks opened, (Century Link and now Lumen Field), a friend approached me.

“Let’s work the games!” he said.  “It will be fun!”

It only took a couple of games before I remembered why I’d stopped working them.

I was on the 300 level of the stadium when I got a report of a disturbance near the top of the stadium.  I stood at the bottom, looking up.  There was an older couple seated near the rail.

“If I have to walk all the way up there,” I told them.  “Somebodies ass is getting thrown out of this game.”

A few minutes later, I was back at the bottom of the stairs, a rowdy fan held by the caller.

“I told you,” I said to the couple, who laughed.

I worked a game when the Seahawks were playing the San Francisco 49ers. A woman was drunk and causing problems.

“I’m Jeff Garcia’s (49er quarterback) girlfriend!” she told me.

“Tell Jeff I said hi!” I said, as I tossed her out of the gate.

I remembered why I stopped working the games.

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