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Cloyd Steiger is the author of the books, Homicide:  The View from Inside the Yellow Tape, and Seattle’s Forgotten Serial Killer–Gary Gene Grant (available January 27, 2020).

He retired in 2016 after 36 years with the Seattle Police Department.  He worked as a Homicide Detective for the last 22 of those years.

He is currently the Chief Criminal Investigator of the Washington State Attorney General’s Homicide Investigation Tracking System, (HITS), which tracks all murders in Washington, Oregon and Montana, as well as assists local agencies with homicide investigations, including cold case homicides.

Cloyd is a Consulting Committee Member of the American Investigative Society of Cold Cases, a national group comprised of experts in various aspects of homicide investigations, (such as Investigative, Behavioral, Laboratory, etc.) which helps with cold case murders from all across the United States.

He has been featured in the following books:
Smoke, Mirrors and Murder, (Ann Rule 2008)
Footsteps in the Snow (Charles Lachman, 2014)
Rogue Justice (fiction) (William Neal, 2012)

And the following television programs
48 Hours, (CBS) 2012 “Cold as Ice”​
Dead of Night, (Investigation Discovery Network) Episode: Misfortune Teller
Footsteps in the Snow (Nancy Glass Productions-Lifetime Movie Network-2014)
Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen, Episode: Senseless in Seattle, (Investigation Discovery Network, ITN Productions-September 2015)
Real Detective, (Investigation Discovery Network) Episode: “Vengeance” WAM Productions, February, 2016