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  1. Lois Bell Lois Bell

    Hi. I listened to a 9-22-20 Scene of the Crime podcast about Lindsey Baum. I became interested in it when I came across a YouTube video about the attempt to get Jack McCollough to confess to a 1957 killing of a 7 year old, brown-eyed girl when he was known as Johnny in Illinois. I live near Ellensburg,WA and as I found out that the Illinois victim’s body had been found 100 miles away in a wooded area, a thouht just popped into my head that that sounded like the approximate distance that Lindsey’s remains were found in a wooded area….I will say there are other weird things: the girls were similar ages, the girls bear a strong resemblance to each other, they both “disappeared” from evening/night times in their neighborhoods, AND they both lived in proximity to “Jack, aka Johnny”, as I was SO creeped out when I found out that “Jack” had been a police officer in Lacey, WA, 25 miles from where Lindsey was abducted! I hope that this can be followed up on for thesafety of others!

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