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Month: September 2018

Great Event in Roslyn


Come on up to Roslyn, Washington, (The town where they filmed Northern Exposure) for a fun time benefiting NW SIDS/SUIDI (Sudden Unexplained Infant Death Investigations) on Saturday, October 13th.

Raise money to prevent Infant Death while having a good time.

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Another Forensic Genealogy Success

Forensic Genealogy, along with Familial DNA are two great tools that continue to enhance DNA evidence in more and more powerful ways.   Cases that are decades old and ice-cold are being solved at a breakneck pace because of the emergence of these two tools.

My friend Seth Augenstein at Forensic Magazine reports on the latest case to be cleared because of this technology.  A 1999 rape and murder.

You can read his article here.

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