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Dewayne Lee Harris, Serial Killer

Harris was a serial killer whose case I worked, along with Mike Ciesynski and Dick Gagnon.  The detective quoted in the stories is me.


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  1. Good useful post ..
    I added your site into my bookmarks.
    🙂 Looking forward for future updates!

    Best regards,

    • csteiger csteiger

      Thanks Matthew. I’ll do my best to keep it updated.

      Cloyd Steiger

  2. akki akki

    Everything shown in Real Detective is based on facts?

    • csteiger csteiger

      If you’re speaking of the TV Episode Real Detective about Harris, it is “based on facts” though the producers over dramatized much of the episode.

      Cloyd Steiger

  3. Kaylee Kaylee

    I can’t believe people still acknowledge this pos….

  4. Nusret Nusret

    Hello, I am writing from Turkey, I watched your series from netflix. congratulations, sir. We are happy if you come to Türkiye…

    • csteiger csteiger

      Thanks Nusret.

  5. Tammie Donaldson Tammie Donaldson

    Watched this episode and I live in Seattle in 97 and had no idea that back then there was the jungle. Now that jungle is now huge. Unfortunately prison here is like going to college even in Walla Walla where he is.

    • csteiger csteiger

      He was, but they moved him.

  6. Brittini Fawcett Brittini Fawcett

    Just saw your episode about the Jungle Killer on American Detective. I’ve truly looked up to your work ethics as a detective. I’m so happy to see you featured with Lt. Joe Kenda. What Seattle has done to itself, the police department, and are trying to do to the rest of Washington; having a strong American Detective like yourself is what inspires me to finish my degree in Criminology (Criminal Paralegal if I don’t go to law school) so I can uphold the Constitution and law and fight for people’s rights. This episode does not show the magnitude of greatness Seattle was provided with your work. Thank you, Cloyd.

    • csteiger csteiger

      Thanks Brittini.

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