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American Detective with Joe Kenda

I’m on an episode of the new show, American Detective with Joe Kenda, which premiered on the Discovery Plus streaming network on January 4.   The episode of called Murder, Murder, Murder and it’s about the DeWayne Lee Harris serial murder case I investigated several years ago.

The episode will also air on Investigation Discovery sometime this Spring.



Someone’s about to confess to a murder.

James Williams was a psychotic killer who murdered Shannon Harps as a random victim after she walked past him on a sidewalk returning from a grocery store.  She didn’t see him fall in behind her as she passed.  He followed her to her Capitol Hill apartment and stabbed her to death on New Year’s Eve.

After a week of long hours tracking down leads, we identified Williams as the killer.  We brought him in for an interrogation that lasted more than two hours before he finally confessed to the crime.  He pled guilty to the murder.

The case is chronicled in a chapter of my first book, “Homicide: The View from Inside the Yellow Tape.”

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Another Cold Case Solved through Genealogy

In 1974, little Siobhan McGuinness, just five-years-old, went missing near an off-ramp to Interstate 90 in Missoula Montana.  A few days later, her body, raped and stabbed to death was found.

The anguish for the family of this beautiful child went on for decades.

Detectives, with the assistance of the FBI, recently used Forensic Genealogy to solve her murder.  Arkansas resident Richard William Davis, who died before he could be brought to justice, was identified as her killer.  Detectives determined that at the time he drove a car that matched the description witnesses had provided. It’s believed he was just passing through Missoula when he spotted Siobhan.

Though they will never see justice done in this case, Siobhan’s surviving family at least now know what happened.

You can read accounts of the case here.

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