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Samurai Apartment Manager

In September of 1994, I was called just after midnight to a murder. It was in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle, between downtown and the Seattle Center, where the Space Needle is located. The incident happened upstairs from the Casa U Betcha restaurant in the 2200 block of 1st Avenue.
An argument started between the apartment manager and a tenant. Like most people, when faced with an argument, the apartment manager retreated to his own apartment and grabbed a Samurai sword he kept there.
He returned to the scene and confronted the pesky tenant. When he didn’t get the response he wanted, he ran the tenant through with the sword, as anyone would do.
The victim had been transported to Harborview Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.
This was the second day of three where I would be called to a murder scene before one in the morning. I wasn’t in a good mood.
I spoke to the manager.
“What’s the big deal?” he asked, oblivious to the situation.
“The guy is dead!” I told him. “I’m not an argument detective, I’m a homicide detective!”
The rest of the night didn’t go well for that guy.
I described the incident to friends later as “Samurai Apartment Manager,” doing my best John Belushi impression. 
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